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The waters in Zeeland are popular among divers from The Netherlands and all over Europe. Zeeland has many dive spots where you can explore the fascinating underwater world. National Park de Oosterschelde en the Grevelingenmeer are especially popular because of the spectacular flora and fauna, as well as the underwater wrecks you can visit.

Dive spot 73 is located near the Sint-Annaland beach, a 5-minute walk from our holiday park. The best time to dive is when the tide is low, which is when you’ll have the best view. The barren sand plains and the shallow trench make way for a beautifully growth-covered bed with a great variety of animal species. You will see crabs and crayfish, shrimp, sponges and dahlia anemones in many sizes and colors.

In the Grevelingenmeer (Lake Grevelingen), about a 45-minute drive from our park, lies the 60-meter long ship Le Serpent at a depth of 23 meters. You could also explore ‘Galjoen zonder Poen’ in Wemeldinge in the Oosterschelde, also a 45-minute drive from our park. This wreck is located at a depth of 25 meters.

The National Park de Oosterschelde is mostly known for the color-changing sepias, a squid, that comes to this park every spring to lay eggs. Numerous divers visit the waters around the Zeelandbrug, on the side of Zierikzee, to marvel at the mating sepias.

When you go snorkeling or diving in Zeeland, you will see some spectacular sights. But you must be aware of the currents, the wind and the tides. There are a few waters that are perfect for beginners, but most diving spots are only suitable for more experienced divers.


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